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Our CAS and TECHO students build an emerging house in three days.

It’s About Life

A 10th grader’s journey to complete her personal project:

Writing the lyrics of a song she composed and recording it. 

Musical theatre  


Our High School students display their talent in the Musical Theater presentations.
Track: Ash
Author: The secession
Creativity Takes Flight  

This video made by Middle School students explores their school community.

Music Track: Free
Artist: Must Save Jane
Composer: Lee Bajer
PANDA in Full Color  

We celebrate the first number of our magazine in full color.

It’s me because it’s us.
IB Diploma Final Art Project  

By: Alejandra Leipen

By: Alejandra Leipen

By: Alejandra Leipen

By: Alejandra Leipen

By: Alejandra Leipen
Art & Technology  

Final Art Project.  Title: The Glitch Mob
By:  Inés González Reyes/ High School Student
Subject:  Art and Technology
Music:  The Glitch Mob from the Band: Seven Nation Army

inal Art Project.  Title:  Rain Drops
By:  Jimena Zamora / High School Student
Music:  Runaway by Kan Ye Wet Feat. Pusha T Album: My beautiful dark twisted fantasy.
Personal Project  

Fame Video
Musical theater group rehearsal.

IB Middle Years Programme Personal Project
Student: Daniela Conde, 10th grade
Topic: Culture through dance: flamenco analysis
By: Dan Rivero
High School Student

Final Project - Visual Arts
By: Francisco Santoveña Domenech  / High School
Music:  Playful / Author: imovie Themes
SGA (Student Government Association)  

By: Maria José González Pérez and Victoria Rocamora (alumni)
Music by:  Personajes, from Los Claxons
Art Design  

Title:  The Face
By:  Susana Argüelles / (alumni)

Title:  The Sea
By:  Susana Argüelles / (alumni)

High School students collaborate with Charity Coalition in a Community and Service Project in which they artistically design and paint Mexican shawls. These have been presented in Charity Coalition Fundraising Exhibits for welfare projects.

Physical Education and Health


First places in track & field in the XXV Encuentro Deportivo Preuniversitario of Universidad Anáhuac.