Early Childhood – Approaches to Teaching & Learning

During the early childhood years, we strive to make our students’ first experiences at school both meaningful and memorable.

We create a warm and positive school climate, promote social-emotional intelligence, and foster self-confidence and independence.

Students are supported in their search for understanding, and acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes, by provocative experiences provided by physical, social, and intellectual interactions with the environment.

Children are actively engaged by inquiring in-depth about real world topics that allow them to gain greater understanding of their world.

Project work and systematic instruction provide complementary learning opportunities.

Children interact with a wide variety of materials and they are encouraged to represent their knowledge and understanding in different ways.

They are supported in developing their interests and talents inside and outside the context of the classroom.

Children are immersed in the English language throughout the day.

Schedules are designed to balance collaborative and independent work, guided and self-directed learning.

Student learning is closely monitored with the aim of improving teaching and learning.