Middle School – Documentation of Learning

Curiosity and discovery promote meaningful learning.

Basaltic Prism Project

Visit Alzheimer Center


 Fractals – A Visit to the Universum Museum
By: Simón Aristazabal, Andrés Díaz Ceballos,
Luciana de la Barra, Daniela Morales, Kiana Niezen and Luis Zubieta,
Middle School students

Winner project at The Embassy Of Ireland / Mexico in Saint Patrick’s Go Green Event, 2014-09-01 for Charity Coalition

Art Design

By: Miranda Moreno Gontrán Rodríguez, Middle School student

By: Tatiana Montero Cabrera & Gilberto Escobedo Benéitez, Middle School students

By: Aya Chebaro Reyes, Middle School student

 Ruta de la Independencia

Documental Inquiry about Revolutionary Events.
In this project students investigate about Mexican
Revolution and document these historical events in a newspaper of the epoch.

Novela de PánfiloBy Natalia Cercós, Anna Arvizu, and Tamara López
9th grade students.