As part of his IB Personal Project, high school student Nicolás Manjarrez Martínez shared his talent by composing a song addressing racism in today’s society.

What motivated you to use the IB-Personal Project framework to create a song to take a stand against racism?

What motivated me the most was my strong desire to share my point of view on racism through music. I believe music has the power to unite people.

What was the most valuable learning outcome from this experience?

If I could express it in a sentence, it would be: “Do something for the pleasure of doing it, and not because you are being forced to or need to do it!” I enjoyed and grew from the process so much that this experience will push me forward to begin future projects.

How did doing this project influence your goal to continue your journey into music?

This project provided me with structure. I realized that if I wanted to turn in a professional song, I needed better equipment. With this idea in mind, I made a plan to raise money to build a small home studio. This allowed me to produce music at the level I wanted in order to meet my objective. I know this equipment will be there for upcoming projects.

What struture/tools/ guidance did the school give you to accomplish your objectives in making your project?

My project was enriched by the remarkable support I received from my advisor, Carlos Ramírez. His vision did not end when he gave me the final IB grade; he went further and pushed me to register my song under the copyright laws in my country. This gave me a broader vision of myself as an artist and how to build a legal framework that would allow me to publish my song.

by Nicolás Manjarrez Martínez
Eton School
IB Personal Project

Raise up and grow high, Reach your arms and touch the sky,
You’ll soon give roots to another one, and
another one.
Let them grow, they’ll soon decide their fate,
But there are some we’ll never see their face,
And they won’t choose their destiny.

Some will grow,
Some will drop,
Some will be the bad apple stuck to the
Some will fly, out to the sky.
And now and now,
And now it’s time to face their life.

Let’s see it from the inside, that is the
relevant part,
Time to start thinking in more than just
the color black and white,
Think in more than the height,
Think in actions that will affect on all our
human lives.

Think of the unity like seen in communities,
We are not made to have infinite immunity.
Time to get our seeds together,
Make and extend our roots,
And rise for the better.

This is for George Floyd,
For Breona Taylor,
For Sean Reed,
For Tony McDade,
For Ahmaud Arbery,
For Rayshard Brooks,
For Daniel Prude,
For Atatiana Jefferson,
For Aura Rosser,
For Stephon Clark,
And for all the victims of racism.

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