Learning Environments

Undoubtedly, an aspect that is notable in our school and that characterizes our institution is the manner in which we prepare our environments to make them worthy of our students. Our spaces are a source of provocation and inspiration. From the simple arrangement of class material to the construction of a room, an educational purpose is envisioned.

We incorporate nature into our atmosphere so that our students appreciate it, become sensitive to its elements, and are motivated to become responsible for their planet.

Other areas were designed for our students to be inspired to read and write, to be able to express themselves through the arts, to gain composure, to stay connected with their families, to promote meeting, communicating, and building relationships, and to be able to explore the power within their bodies.

Such an arrangement of our learning environment can only reflect our conception of children as capable and competent beings who benefit from relying on surroundings where their human potential can be enriched.

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