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We’re looking forward to introducing you to our lively learning community!


We’re thrilled you’re considering Eton School Mexico for your child’s education.

Following our innovative curriculum of project-based learning and experiences beyond the classroom, we’re confident our world-class teachers will make a huge impact on your child’s development—responding holistically to all your child’s attributes and needs. Your child will grow up as a leader at Eton, with courage in their heart and mind.

If you’re looking for information on Eton School enrollment, this page takes you through our application process step-by-step. You will also find the Eton School Mexico calendar and details about tuition fees.
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When you apply to Eton School Mexico, our admissions team carefully considers your application, so we ensure we can accommodate your child.

To be admitted, students must meet our entry requirements. Please check the Eton School enrollment requirements for your child’s age group. Kinder to 12th grade students need to schedule an entrance exam, and you’ll also need to prepare some documents alongside your application form.

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We’re thrilled your family is interested in enrollment at Eton School Mexico, because choosing the right school is one of the biggest decisions you can make as a parent.

As part of our Eton School admissions process, we ask for a few documents alongside your application form.

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At Eton School Mexico, our tuition fees reflect the premium education we provide at our private school.

Led by our highly qualified and experienced teachers, we develop a strategic plan at Eton to support every child on their path to unlocking their unique potential. We foster their talents and abilities within our joyous and caring learning environment. An overview of our fees and payment dates makes enrollment into Eton School more straightforward for parents. Find everything you need to know here.

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For your child to join us, the Eton School admissions process involves a few simple steps.
Make an inquiry
Submit an online inquiry form on our website, send us an email, or give us a call.
inquire now
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Step 1
Eton School Admissions | Nord Anglia Education-05 - visualTimeline-Fill in an application form
Fill an application form
By completing our non-binding form, we’ll start your child’s file with all the information we need to ensure you’ll have personalized assistance throughout your admission journey.
Step 2
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Discover our school
You’re welcome to visit our school and you’ll be invited to join an information session. You’ll imagine your child on our warm campus and in our bright classrooms as you talk to staff members—so you have first-hand information.
Step 3
You’ll submit the required documents to apply for an entrance exam.
Step 4
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The Eton School Mexico calendar includes most important Admissions dates for your upcoming school year calendar.
Information Sessions (remote or at the school)
Sunday, Oct 01 2023 to Tuesday, Mar 05 2024
Submit admission requirements
Friday, Dec 01 2023 to Thursday, Feb 29 2024
Entrance exams
Monday, Jan 08 to Friday, Mar 29 2024
Monday, Jan 15 to Friday, Mar 29 2024
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Eton School Admissions | Nord Anglia Education-Feature Quote-icon quote
Eton offers high-quality educational experiences that encourage our students to become life-long learners. We open their hearts through strong personal connections and truly caring about their success, so learning becomes engaging, amazing, and deeply meaningful.
Pilar Rodríguez
Admissions and Public Relations Director


  • Does Eton require an entrance exam? How long do I have to wait for the results?
    Yes, our candidates need to pass an entrance exam to be admitted (except for Nursery and Pre-Kinder applicants). First, you will need to submit all required admission documents for the principals to review; then, they will determine if the applicant can do the entrance exam. 

    There are no guides for the exam, as it is designed to gauge a candidate’s language and math skills. 

    Results are ready 5 to 10 business days after completing the exam. 

    The exam has a cost of MXN2,380.00.
  • Can we still complete the admissions process without a recommendation letter from an Eton family?
    Of course! These recommendation letters are helpful for us, but you don’t need one if you don’t know any Eton families.
  • Do you have a spot available for my child?

    We usually know for certain how much availability there is per grade mid-March when our re-enrollment period ends; however, we will continue with admission processes throughout the year in any grades where spots are or will become available.

  • To be admitted to Eton, how old does my child need to be?
    For our starting grade (Nursery), students need to be 1 year and 8 months old by August 31st of their starting year.
  • Is Pre-First an additional preschool grade that you offer?
    No, it is equivalent to Kinder 3 in the SEP system.
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Join us for a campus tour or virtual meeting, to take the first step in your child’s most exciting academic experience. We look forward to meeting you to discuss what makes Eton School Mexico special, what we can offer your family, and our admission process.