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At Eton School Mexico, our students discover how they can apply their skills and talents to make a difference in the lives of others. 


Our students have the responsibility to make the most of what they have—and consciously give back to others. Through our social initiatives and projects, our students develop a better definition of who they are and what motivates their social purpose—uncovering key directions towards an exciting career and life path.

Our entire school community supports Centro Educativo José Vasconcelos, a local high school that delivers quality education to other students for a very low fee—our way of helping their upward mobility, enabling them to have several of the same opportunities as our Eton students by the time they graduate. 

In the same way, from the very start of their journey at Eton, our Early Childhood students fundraise with Unidos por la Montaña to sponsor another student's nutrition and education for an entire year; our Elementary students fundraise to support Comedor Santa María to aid the nutrition of underserved communities; and our Middle and High School students also fundraise for a low-income school through Manos por la Educación and help restore it from earthquake damage.

We additionally arrange opportunities for Eton students to work with NGOs like CADENA, Comedor Santa María and México Sonríe to explore the issues they care about and to contribute positive change.
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By learning our world’s history, paying attention to the cultural traditions we’ve carried to the present, and considering the future of our planet, we challenge our students to develop forward-looking projects as changemakers on an international scale. 

We explore history and share culture at Eton through family events that allow our students to explore and value the diverse heritage of those within our community. They also participate in collaborative analysis and reflection for events like the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, when they work with students from other schools to use history and remembrance to inform a better tomorrow.

Middle schoolers and high schoolers can especially apply their critical thinking skills by connecting local activities to global problems and proposing solutions during Model United Nations (MUN) conferences. One urgent area our MUN students continually champion—and that we promote through campaigns at Eton—is our ecological responsibility. Our students explore how to improve the environment within our community and how this interrelates with global sustainability goals and climate change.
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At Eton School Mexico, our social purpose is driven by the belief that education has the power to change the world. With outstanding teachers and exceptional opportunities around them, our students use their inspiring start at Eton as the foundation to go on and make a difference in the world beyond.

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