Eton School Mexico fosters appreciation for culture, arts, and sports among its students, as these activities shape their personality and character.

Our After-School Program (ASP) is an extension of the morning academic program and offers after-school sporting and artistic activities for students at the Alpes 605 and Santa Fe campuses.

After-School Sports Program 

At Eton, sports are an important component of our students’ education, as they foster participation, the joy of sharing time with others, team spirit, and an enjoyment of activities and games. Sports promote and reinforce the talent and physical capacities of students as individuals and members of a team.

The ASP provides opportunities for students to develop their aptitudes and enjoy the opportunity to represent the school in district, state, and national school tournaments.

After-School Music and Theater Program

Music and theater at Eton provide opportunities for students to develop their unique potential as they focus on the connection between skills and sensitivity, following our idea of attaining a well-rounded background within a favorable and stimulating environment that encourages artistic creation.

Students can take theater classes or private lessons in piano, cello, violin, guitar, or recorder as part of our after-school music and theater program.