Tuition Fees 2022–2023

If you’re looking for a private school in Mexico City with an international approach to learning, you won’t find a school that provides a finer education at a competitive price. 

Below, you may review the tuition fees for every year of study, helping you plan for the long term.

You’ll also see further details on what the payments cover and options available. We understand tuition can be a complex process, and it’s our mission to make enrolling at Eton School Mexico as easy as possible. For further information, please get in touch with our team.

Our tuition fees ensure your child will receive the best international education at Eton, in an environment that’s simultaneously stimulating and supportive, adjusted to your child’s needs, interests, and goals. As a result, your child won't just love coming to school—they'll have the motivation and resilience to take on challenges ahead at university and later on, in their career.


Eton EN - Cuotas 2022-2023 - Admisiones

Eton EN - Cuotas 2022-2023 - Admisiones - _ing_SCA.pdf (701 KB)