parent essentials

Our parents collaborate with our teachers at Eton School Mexico so every student is ready to partake in outstanding learning experiences. 

Here’s a collection of useful information, so your child will thrive every day with us at Eton.




By working closely with parents, we ensure your child has everything they need to grow and excel at Eton from day one.
Our Uniforms
Our students wear a uniform to school on days they take PE and when they go on field trips. We’re partnered with Noryol—who sells our uniforms through sales on campus and accepts online orders throughout the year.
Our Lunches
Our students usually bring lunch from home to eat during recess, but we also have a cafeteria where they can buy food and snacks. For students who stay for after-school activities, the cafeteria additionally offers a full-meal service for hire.
Our School Bus
At Santa Fe, the bus is mandatory from 1st to 11th grade. The bus is optional for Early Childhood campuses, and children can ride it one way (morning or afternoon) or round trip (morning and afternoon).


Wondering how you can help your child discover their interests and find their passions after class time? We offer many activities, after-school clubs, and sports tournaments.
After-School Program (ASP)

As your child grows up, we want them to participate in activities and games with their peers, where they’ll delight in discovering their artistic skills and their team spirit. We reinforce their talents and physical abilities individually as well as collaboratively.

After-School Program (ASP)

Our ASP activities include:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Taekwondo
  • Cheerleading
  • Theater
  • Art
Your child can participate in our music program during mornings with their groups and can continue to further their skills in private lessons during afternoons.

In the afternoons, students at Eton can deepen and refine their skills in private lessons for:

  • Cello
  • Violin
  • Guitar and ukulele
  • Piano
  • Recorder and flute
  • Singing
Model United Nations

Your middle schooler or high schooler can model the debates and proceedings of a UN committee, as they prepare for national and international MUN conferences and organize Eton MUN, our very own international event on campus.


We love to see parents get involved with our activities at Eton School Mexico. Activities like Eton Day, Eton Sports Day, Echa la Casa por la Ventana, nutrition workshops, and more have become favorite events at our school—thanks to the help of our parents.

Eton parents can also contribute to their child’s classroom by sharing their expertise to enrich a project or partaking in the School Improvement Council.


Fostering a creative and resilient generation

Our passionate teachers care deeply about seeing your child grow into a leader who moves through our world with a kind heart and inquisitive mind. By utilizing Eton’s exceptional training opportunities, they’re always customizing ways to take your child’s education to the next level.