Eton School Mexico encourages parent involvement. Thanks to their participation, activities such as Eton Day, Eton Sports Day, Echa la Casa por la Ventana, nutrition workshops, among others, have become traditional events at our school. Parents also contribute to their children’s learning by sharing their expertise with a class to enrich the projects being developed at any given moment in the course. This is all thanks to the Eton School Parent-Teacher Association.


What is the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA is an organization focused on bringing teachers and parents together to make the school a better place for children.


What does the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) do?

Our Parent-Teacher Association at Eton School plays a critical role in refining learning processes, organizing events, and strengthening the school community. Parents can also actively participate in the School Improvement Council. Eton parents play a critical role in their children’s learning process and must share with the school the responsibility for their academic and social-emotional development. Thanks to the Eton PTA, both the family and the school become onr strong community with common educational objectives.


How do I join the Parent-Teacher Association?

The importance of a Parent-Teacher Association cannot be understated and requires parents of a certain profile to help make the school a better place. To be a member of the Eton community, parents must comply with the following responsibilities: