IB – Personal Project Nicolas Manjarrez Martínez – Coco

Español ETON SCHOOL STUDENT USES HIS PASSION TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST RACISM As part of his IB Personal Project, high school student Nicolás Manjarrez Martínez shared his talent by composing a song addressing racism in today’s society. What motivated you to use the IB-Personal Project framework to create a song to take a stand […]

Eton School joins Nord Anglia Education

Español We are excited to announce that Eton School has joined the Nord Anglia Education (www.nordangliaeducation.com) family of schools, connecting us to students and colleagues in 70 Nord Anglia schools around the world. We are now one of two Nord Anglia schools in the country and the first in Mexico City. This will be the […]

A Journey Through Time

Español María Eugenia González Preschool Teacher Many changes have taken place in the world since technology became one of the most enriching resources in education. Working in technology for so many years has allowed me to witness a transformation in education and the way it has impacted our learning experiences. This journey has been both […]

Revamping School

Español Alfonso Pinkus Middle & High School Dean of Social and Emotional Learning One of the best things about a school is that it is such a live entity. Not only in its day-to-day comings and goings, but also as an institution that is continuously pushed by society to evolve and fit to its time […]

Prevailing Identity

Español Alejandra Loperena & Carlos A. Ramírez Translator & Pedagogic Designer Adaptability has become a necessary skill in the face of this global pandemic. However, despite the multiple changes in our routine and the drastic turn in the way we live our lives, there are always things that prevail. The joy for learning and discovering […]

Creativity, our Biggest Challenge

Creativity, our Biggest Challenge.

Español Rosi Olmos Profesora de Primaria “Our greatest natural resource is the mind of our children.” Walter Elias Disney For children, life is an adventure. They feel a natural need to investigate, discover and experiment their surroundings to learn about the world they live in. As they grow, their environment sometimes threatens their creativity. At […]