We’re a leading bilingual, international school in Mexico City, and part of the Nord Anglia family of premium international schools. Within our highly stimulating environment, our passionate teachers are deeply invested in seeing your child reach their greatest potential.


At Eton School, your child will engage in exciting lessons and projects beyond the classroom, guided by their own questions, and accompanied by real-life experiences with appropriate materials or modeled by experts. There’s much more to learning than just the textbooks at Eton—as we allow our students’ curiosity to guide their every step.
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Thank you for learning about Eton School Mexico, where we empower hearts and minds every day by challenging our students to be the change they want to see. This happens because of the thoughtful, intentional work by our expert educators.
John H. Miller
Head of School, Eton School Mexico


Our students’ excellent test results—standing out above global averages—lead them to the most prestigious universities in Mexico and abroad. However, they don’t get to that point of success alone.

We support them every step of the way: our teachers actively listen to our students, understand their motivations, and create customized activities that continually stimulate their interests and unique developmental needs. Our teachers will use attentive methods to structure your child’s thinking, so your child will express, discuss, and reflect on their own learning—effectively creating their future.

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At Eton School Mexico, we don’t passively absorb information—we actively probe our environment and each other with questions that allow us to dig deeper and make connections across ideas, facts, and experiences. 

Academic Excellence
Our students academically succeed at Eton because they’re supported every step of the way. They go on to surpass the global averages, creating exciting pathways to the most prestigious universities in Mexico and abroad. 
Academic Excellence
At Eton, as part of our commitment to academic excellence, we use innovative curricula that encourage creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration—while fostering each child’s social and emotional development. Our teachers create projects that weave across the academic subjects and prompt students to inquire, discover, analyze, and create. 

Our teachers take a very interactive approach in and beyond the classroom, putting your child at the center: they aim to understand each child's motivations by actively listening to them and mapping out strategic plans. These interactions become the base for personalized activities, which end up creating a greater impact in our students’ everyday lives. 

Dedicated to your child’s academic success, we offer several other specialized, tailored services: high school students, for example, receive professional counseling to guide them through choosing a career pathway that best suits their abilities and interests. Students with specific developmental needs can also receive specialized support from our psychologists, pedagogists, and teacher aides.
An Advanced Learning Environment
Within our well-maintained, first-class facilities, our environment stands out for how we strategically arrange class materials, student work, and documentation of progress—so your child is continually inspired to respond to what they’ve learned and what they’d like to explore next.
An Advanced Learning Environment
We consistently conduct extensive maintenance work on our campuses at Eton, ensuring our first-class facilities are neat, surrounded by inspiring nature, and conducive to learning. 

Our Early Childhood campus is designed with sensory exploration areas, sand and water centers, and construction areas that spark curiosity and invite students to discover with all their senses.  

Meanwhile, our Elementary, Middle, and High School have access to our Information and Research Center, equipped with computers, iPads, and collaboration worktables. It also has a dedicated Storytelling Room for elementary students. Additionally, for our middle and high schoolers, our newly inaugurated Makerspace is an exciting space for advanced creation, featuring different stations and tools for our students to create tangible items that display their learning, as they develop technical skills along the way. With these resources, our students have everything they need for classroom projects and presentations, learning how to responsibly use such tools to further their understanding. 

Across all grades, our teachers display class materials, student work (writing, projects, and presentations), and documentation of progress—so our students can learn from each other in our shared spaces and stay connected to each project’s educational purpose. The visuals are tailored to each age group and their expected outcomes. 
Outstanding Learning Experiences
Every day at Eton, our students are cultivating the skills and knowledge they’ll use as leaders. Our teachers generate tailored, hands-on projects so our students, in turn, are excited to research or create and present their findings to others. Every lesson leads to webs of knowledge.
Outstanding Learning Experiences
Imagine setting up a carefully planned fruit display in front of an Early Childhood or Elementary classroom. Our young students begin discussing it, sharing what they know about the fruit—leading to what they don't know or understand about the fruit, further probing by our teacher, and ensuing experiences visiting a market, talking to experts, and connecting math and science questions with communication skills. This project-based approach gives our students significant tools to be inquisitive. As critical thinkers, our students continually learn the research techniques that prepare them to thrive through their subsequent middle school and high school years. As they move forward into the IB Middle Years and Diploma programs, for example, our eldest students continue to lead in their learning and connect local and global concerns.  

Whether our students are investigating, writing essays, delivering a convincing presentation, or completing an eye-opening internship, they're not just doing it for a grade—they're activating what they know and going beyond it, connecting with the communities around them, and being owners of their futures, as they expand their world views.  

Our teachers make sure that their lessons and projects are accompanied by real-life experiences, and they help scaffold our students’ thinking, so they’re fully capable of expressing, discussing, and reflecting. Eton teachers track progress visually: as students document their work in projects, they display their findings around them so they can visualize their process, evaluate it, and cement the knowledge they’ve acquired.
The World's Best Teachers
Eton teachers are highly qualified and passionate educators—so your child is in outstanding professional hands, within an environment where English and Spanish are both nurtured. Our teachers facilitate your child’s development, always building upon their love for learning and supplying best-in-class tools and resources.
The World's Best Teachers
We carefully recruit knowledgeable and experienced professionals who commit to supporting the best teaching practices of Eton School Mexico. Our teachers are dedicated to delivering meaningful experiences that motivate our students to pursue their interests, construct knowledge, and develop life skills—while emphasizing research, experimentation, and the shaping of reflexive and critical attitudes. 

Eton teachers support the “whole-child approach” to education, so we work together to make sure our teachers can connect with all personal aspects and interests of their students—and their students, as a result, are mentally and emotionally ready to make the most of their school day. In Early Childhood, Eton teachers take inspiration from the Reggio Emilia philosophy—a mindset which values the child as central to their own learning, being an active constructor of knowledge as an emerging “researcher.” This emphasis on research continues throughout all our students’ learning experiences.
The Nord Anglia Education Family
We’re all one family—so when you join Eton, you become part of a close-knit community of peers, teachers, parents, and alumni. You also join the Nord Anglia network of international connections from one part of the globe to another. 
The Nord Anglia Education Family
Eton has a strong bond with its alumni. We cultivate professional networks and organize events—like the alumni cocktail, where they can catch up, share experiences, and exchange knowledge. The Eton Alumni Association has three annual meetings. They also participate in activities that benefit our students, such as internship opportunities that inform their futures. We always like to see our alumni come back, and we’re happy when many enroll their own children, making our family bigger.

Our current students stay connected through our Student Government Association, which gives student representatives the agency to expose their ideas and share what they would like to do or see happen at Eton. Student leaders help organize fun annual, community-building events, such as Mexican Independence Day, Halloween, and Valentine's Day, among others.

As part of the Nord Anglia international learning community, students also connect with peers across the globe and participate in large-scale challenges of Global Campus (Nord Anglia’s virtual platform) and Global Games (Nord Anglia’s international sports competition). Participating in these exciting activities and events allow Eton students to bond with peers and forge international friendships to last a lifetime. 
Our Social Purpose
How do Eton students use their opportunities to help others? In connection with local non-profits and NGOs, we involve our students in service activities and other initiatives that help them build their empathy and develop a socially critical viewpoint that empowers them to make a difference.
Our Social Purpose
From an early age, Eton students recognize not everyone has the same opportunities as them, and they’re challenged to consider how to build a better world. Students participate in and initiate activities to support social causes, including collecting donations for service projects, hosting book drives, selling jackets and sweatshirts for fundraising, tutoring and storytelling at orphanages and hospitals, and helping rebuild destroyed homes.  

In this way, our students gain experience and become motivated to take on social entrepreneurship projects. Especially as part of the CAS component of the IB Diploma program, students will propose their own volunteering projects to address issues they care about and effect change. For instance, our students have built their own websites and awareness campaigns. 

As an ongoing project at Eton, we all strive to develop ecological responsibility in our community. Students participate in environmental awareness campaigns and become knowledgeable about our eco-friendly practices—from recycling to using solar panels.


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Our students earn top exam results and attend excellent universities. This happens thanks to our dedicated teachers and outstanding learning environment, motivating your child to go further in their academics and pursue their interests.