What is Education?-What is Education-Nord Anglia Education
Eton School
11 March, 2024

What is Education?

What is Education?-What is Education-What Is Education

John H. Miller
Head of School

Education provides a structure for a life well-lived, a path to follow where fear and ignorance fall by the wayside. When education works, it fuels the natural curiosity of children and it makes us wonder, it makes us humble, it makes us joyful. I have devoted my professional life to education because I see it as the best way to prevent many of the social ills that we face as a society. Education can be a force for good, a force for social change, a force for liberation, and this can cause great concern among those that would prefer to control and to suppress.

At Eton, we inspire critical thought, know that children asking questions is a marvelous thing, and seek to harness the collective power of our learning community one day at a time.  We want all our students to take advantage of the privilege of being among adults that are pushing themselves and their colleagues to be just a little better today than they were yesterday, and that starts with a commitment to educating oneself and finding the best ways to educate the children who show up at Eton every single day.