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Eton School
01 November, 2022

Eton School Named a 2022 Cognia School of Distinction

2022 Cognia School of Distinction | Eton School Mexico - Eton school named a 2022 cognia school of distinction

Something that makes us stand out as a school is our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. It is our responsibility to ensure that our students get the best education and learn from the best practices available. That is why, every five years, we undergo a performance review from Cognia, an accreditation agency that measures quality standards in schools all over the world.

After receiving our third accreditation in March of 2022, we were among the 96 schools chosen for a special Cognia award given to institutions of learning for their excellence in education and service to learners on their reaccreditation year. This year, there were 1,500 schools eligible for the award, with only 12 schools outside the US receiving this special recognition, Eton among them.