Nord Anglia Education
Eton School
04 November, 2022

Inauguration of the Middle & High School Makerspace

Eton Mexico

On Saturday, October 1, 2022, we inaugurated the Middle & High School Makerspace. This space is one more environment where our students can create life-changing experiences.

Guided by defined learning outcomes, students work together to make things using simple or complex technology and strengthening their creativity and problem-solving autonomy. They can enjoy working with crafting materials and textiles, woodshop equipment, a media lab, a 3D printer, laser and vinyl cutters, and programming and robotics equipment.

Teachers become designers of experiences and take lessons from the classroom into a practical setting. This gives students a chance to learn by doing, while they develop practical and 21st-century skills for the future.

Our makerspace has great potential as a host of different opportunities for active learning, since it will provide students with the innovative and creative education that defines our curricula, now with an even more technological space.