Nord Anglia Education
Eton School
16 October, 2023

The Role of the Teacher in Young People’s Education

The role of the teacher in young's people education

Rosamaría Díaz-Vélez
Middle & High School Principal

In a world where information is within reach of just about anyone, the teacher must offer learning experiences that lead students to understand themselves as young people who impact their community and their surroundings. A teacher isn’t only empathetic, they also foster empathy in their students and push them to create positive and balanced relationships while learning from each other’s differences and understanding our human nature. The teacher pays special attention to social interactions and learning experiences that develop their students’ critical thinking, curiosity, creativity, honesty, resilience, kindness, and respect, among other values and skills.

Learning experiences are tied to real-life experiences that seek a positive impact in our community and the world around us. The teacher exposes a student so that they will understand and learn from different opinions and points of view; the teacher encourages the student to grow from collective intelligence and to become the best version of themselves.

When I ask our Middle & High School students about their teachers, they tell me that the best teachers are those who inspire them with their passion for human knowledge and transmit their desire to learn, which shows a strong commitment to the comprehensive development of their students. The role of the teacher in young people’s education is to teach them to overcome challenges in life and make decisions that lead them to feel safe and happy with themselves and the positive impact they have on their community.