Nord Anglia Education
Eton School
29 June, 2023


Empower Learners to Discover New Possibilities and Solutions

Education is always changing, and we must cultivate an environment where students become active participants in their learning. We provide transformative experiences that emphasize agency, collaboration, creativity, and a vibrant culture. This empowers our students to take ownership of their learning, collaborate with others, and foster a sense of well-being and community.

Students at Eton have the freedom to shape their educational journeys, make decisions, and voice their opinions. By valuing and empowering student perspectives, we create a learning environment that fosters engagement, independence, and a genuine passion for acquiring knowledge.

We recognize that learning is a collective effort, and students thrive when they work together. Through teamwork, community partnerships, and networking across borders, students and teachers take their thinking beyond.

We celebrate inquiry, discovery, and creative expression, so we encourage students explore their passions through opportunities to design, create, and publish their ideas and learnings.

Our school cultivates a culture that prioritizes wellness, wonder, and community. Technology plays a pivotal role in supporting this culture by enhancing wellness, igniting curiosity, and bringing people together. With digital tools and resources, we create an environment where students thrive emotionally, mentally, and physically.