Nord Anglia Education
Eton School
29 June, 2023


Commit to Leaving the World Better than You Found It
In today's educational landscape, schools must engage in reflective practices, share successes, prioritize accessibility, and foster equity. Through our commitment to research, continuous improvement, and inclusivity, we strive to make a lasting impact, shaping a future where education is inclusive, empowering, and equitable for all.

Our school values the power of research and formative reflection as catalysts for progress. This commitment to research enables us to drive continuous improvement and enhance the educational experiences of our students.

One such experience was the creation of our innovative iPad orchestra program. Through the power of technology and a passion for music, we are breaking down barriers and creating a space for all students to explore the world of music and experience the joy of playing an instrument. Whether it's playing virtual instruments or creating beautiful melodies, the iPad orchestra provides a platform for everyone to shine.

In the pursuit of a more diverse and inclusive future, we are also excited to explore the powerful connection between artificial intelligence (AI) and diversity.  Through intelligent automation, AI can empower people with disabilities by providing assistive technologies and adaptive tools, enabling greater participation and engagement in various aspects of life.