Nord Anglia Education
Eton School
19 January, 2024

Teaching Freedom And The School Project

Teaching Freedom And The School Project

Narda Vega
Toddler Center Principal

Freedom of action, thought, and expression is the essence of the teacher-school relationship, which entails commitments and responsibilities on both sides. For a teacher, adhering to the educational project is possible within the concept of freedom. At the same time, the right to teach with freedom is possible within the curricular framework of principles and ethics.

It is possible to generate a bond between the teacher and the school built on mutual trust. To do this, the teacher must be fully aware of their practice and convictions and the school must communicate its mission, vision, and philosophy accurately. This allows for effective communication in which both parties are aligned and integrated into a constructive relationship.

Autonomy and professional self-management promote the dignity and happiness of the teacher, which provides the opportunity to create a consistent pedagogical commitment to the school. Achieving this balance is a task that requires consistent and permanent work.