Nord Anglia Education
Eton School
17 April, 2024

High Organization: An Essential School Practice

High Organization: An Essential School Practice

Ma. Elena Ruschke
Operations and Services Director

At the institutional level, an organization is the design and establishment of structures, processes, functions, and responsibilities, as well as the methods and techniques necessary to reach objectives in the most effective way. The challenge herein is to ensure that all activities, areas involved, and resources used are coordinated to achieve such purpose.

On this path, the leader has a great responsibility that must be handled masterfully, for the tasks involved are broad and detailed: being in charge of the general planning of the institution, verifying that values and norms are respected, having a good relationship, communication, and coordination with the entire school community, establishing spaces, structuring functions, distributing tasks, authorizing calendars, reviewing the study plan, following-up on all areas, among many others.

In short, the key to a successful institution is having an organizational system that allows for processes to function like clockwork, with exact precision. This depends on each hand of the clock being well positioned and synchronized, having the right size, and knowing its functions.

For this to happen, all the individuals who participate in an organization must practice and promote efficacy, which plays an indispensable role in an institution. At the end of the day, when speaking institutionally, we can say that it’s not about a single organization, but several, aligned to a common goal.