Natalia Manjarrez


How is archery an activity that complements and improves your life?

High performance archery could be considered a lifestyle really, from the moment you wake up until you go to bed, from what you think to what you do. This activity has definitely changed my life, especially how I’ve developed my routine and approach my daily tasks. Archery is a sport that not only requires commitment, consistency, and perseverance, but also requires passion, honesty, and truth, which is one of the things that makes it so special and valuable for me. I think that more than any personal record or competition I’ve won over the past year, the biggest prize has been that archery has changed me and given me the opportunity to grow as a person and a competitor. Everything I’ve learned in this sport has given me the basis to define who I am, who I want to become, and what dreams I aspire to accomplish. Most importantly, archery has taught me to live in the present moment, mindful of every arrow, of my routine, and of the fact that there is no losing, either I win or learn something from the things I do.

What international competition are you attending and what is your goal?

I’ve never competed in any international competitions, so I’m very committed to the opportunity of qualifying for a spot in my age group of the Mexican national team. My goal at this stage is to improve my scores through performance and a correct execution to put myself on the ranking for upcoming tournaments. Since the season started, my sights have been set on the 2022 Youth and Masters Pan Am Archery Championship in Halifax, Canada, and that is the mark that I continue to practice and shoot for!

What role has Eton School played in helping you succeed in this journey?

Eton School has been one of my biggest supporters. I train three hours a day after school, and on weekends, I wake up early in the morning to train as many hours as possible. 

Our High School Academic Dean, Laura Salazar, has guided me and helped me organize my time so I don’t miss any due dates and exams. She has encouraged me to keep doing what I love while keeping up with schoolwork. One of the most valuable things that the school has taught me throughout this journey is that everything worth achieving in life will present you with challenges, but the attitude towards an opportunity is what can make you succeed. I’ve sure hadsituations where I needed to show results in both archery and school, and I found it quite challenging because of the number of things I needed to get done correctly. Thanks to the support of my teachers, I was able to successfully complete my school assignments, train, and allow time for competitions. I have even used some of the technical elements of archery to develop school projects.

What mental and physical skills do you need to achieve your goals?

Has the school empowered any of those? I think that planning, patience, and discipline play such an important role in achieving my goals because being able to maintain great performance in every single area of my life, every day, is definitely not easy. Goal setting requires me to think through the process needed to achieve this objective, the tasks that need to be performed, and the order they need to be performed in. Eton has guided me through this process. During my years at school, since early childhood and through the IB programme, I’ve learned the values of organization, honesty, mental toughness, clarity of purpose, and focus. This has helped me grow as an individual and has helped me enjoy the things I do and am passionate about. In a deeper sense, I was able to acquire all of these values and also learn that patience plays an important role in this sport. I have my ups and downs, but archery has become a true test of my ability to come back from a tough situation so I am able to perform with my heart, blending all of my motions together to make it a beautiful expression.

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