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News image Encuentro Magazine-Revista Encuentro-Encuentro Magazine News
Encuentro Magazine
Discover the most important moments of Eton school life in our Encuentro magazine.
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News image Our Middle & High School Makerspace | Eton School Mexico-Inauguration of middle and high school-Eton Mexico Blog
Inauguration of the Middle & High School Makerspace
We inaugurated the Middle & High School Makerspace. Learn more about how this environment can create life-changing experiences for students.
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News image MIT at Our Toddler Center | Eton School Mexico-MIT Cellfie life challenge at the toddler center-MIT Cellfie 3 Blog
MIT Cellfie Life Challenge at the Toddler Center
Discover the MIT Cellfie Life Challenge at our Toddler Center, where we encourage Pre-kinder students to think about tiny organisms called cells.
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News image Learning to Be Kind | Eton School Mexico-Learning to be kind-Eton Mexico Blog
Learning to Be Kind
Kindness is one of the most important things we teach our students at Eton School Mexico, encouraging inclusion, support and sharing.
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News image Exploring our Neighborhood | Eton School Mexico-Exploring our neighborhood-Eton Mexico Blog
Exploring Our Neighborhood
Explore our neighborhood, a digital environment where Pre-first children construct their understanding through collaborative work.
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News image The Importance of Relationships | Eton School Mexico-The importance of relationships-Eton Mexico News
The Importance of Relationships
Learn about the importance of relationships with Eton School Mexico, and how we help our students develop resilience and happiness.
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News image 2022 Cognia School of Distinction | Eton School Mexico-Eton school named a 2022 cognia school of distinction-Cognia award Blog
Eton School Named a 2022 Cognia School of Distinction
We are a 2022 Cognia School of Distinction. Learn more about this recognition and what it means for our school.
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News image Educational Benefits of Nature | Eton School Mexico-Children and Nature-Children and Nature Blog
Children and Nature
Find out how we embrace our environment at Eton School, where we use nature to spark curiosity and empower our students.
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News image Communicating Magic Moments | Eton School Mexico-Communicating magic moments-magic moments Blog
Communicating magic moments
It's important to us that we communicate all the positive news coming from our school. Learn more about our 'magic moments'.
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News image Detecting Fake News | Eton School Mexico-Detecting Fake News-fake news News
Detecting Fake News
Our 8th grade students were tasked with identifying fake news for their Civics and Ethics class. Find out more here.
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News image Discovery Expedition in Switzerland | Eton School Mexico-Discovery expedition in switzerland-switzerland v2 Blog
Discovery Expedition in Switzerland
Learn about our discovery expedition in Switzerland, a memorable and fun experience for our 10th and 11th grade students.
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News image Eton School Joins the Nord Anglia Family | Eton School Mexico-Eton School joins the Nord Anglia Education family-Eton joins NAE Blog
Eton School Joins the Nord Anglia Education Family
Eton School Mexico has joined the Nord Anglia family. Find out what this exciting new chapter means for our school.
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